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Tarot Card: Eight of Cups

5th Oct 2020, 9:50 AM

Tarot Card: Eight of Cups

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JitterbugJive 5th Oct 2020, 9:50 AM
This chapter's tarot card features Hector in the eight of cups!

The eight of cups could mean that you're feeling the need to walk away from a situation that might end up disappointing. You haven't been feeling fulfilled, and it feels like it's time to let it go and move on. It could also mean that something seems to be missing in your life, and whatever situation you're in may be the cause of those feelings. Again, you might be considering leaving things behind in order to escape this vicious empty cycle.
This is also the card of an escapist who wants to get away from the things that are troubling them. You might be ignoring your issues and are in denial that you need to do something about them. When you should be looking for help, instead you lock yourself up and pretend you're fine.

You need to ask yourself what really brings you happiness, and weigh your options as you consider making a change and dropping what's bothering you.

Reversed this card has conflict, you can either walk away, or try one more time. Really ask yourself, 'is it worth it?' Paired with a passive card, it's suggested that you try again, but if it's a card of action it's probably best to let it go. Take the time to consider what it is you want most deep down in your heart, and go with what feels right.
Another meaning of the reversed Eight of Cups is that you're not feeling satisfied no matter where you go, so you're drifting from place to place trying to find something to fix that issue. Again... What truly makes you happy? Introspection on this is important if you want to get any fulfillment.

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5th Oct 2020, 6:07 PM
This card really fits him.