Suzie Sterling lives in a strange and beautiful place, and because of her magical grandpa she has to balance between school and the world of the supernatural. [RATED YA]

Ch 2: Another Chick in the Mall - Page 19

15th May 2020, 1:08 PM

Ch 2: Another Chick in the Mall - Page 19

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JitterbugJive 15th May 2020, 1:08 PM
The Haunted Manner is a reference to Disney's Haunted Mansion, my favorite ride at Disneyworld. I have yet to try the one in Disneyland. The effects in it are incredible and they're constantly improving it.
My top 3 rides are Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, and Twilight Tower of Terror.
What are your favorite theme park rides? What rides do you really want to go on some day?


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15th May 2020, 4:07 PM
to be fair, Suzie has terrified when her teacher turned into a fearmonger (did I spell that right)
15th May 2020, 7:13 PM
oh god space mountain.... i was so scared on that so i just shut my eyes super tight and clung to my dad the whole time XD

and huh.... i guess suzie is ok with sheltering her parents a;fgjdls;adfks
16th May 2020, 7:45 AM
I've never been to Disneyworld, so....I guess I'd like to go there someday, period. XD
17th Jun 2020, 5:51 AM
As light and fluffy and fun and colourful as this comic is, I almost wonder if it's a hidden parable of statute-related breaches of a person of legally protected age being coerced by a relative with mental instability, using the shared framework of the delusion as a coping mechanism for trauma.