Suzie Sterling lives in a strange and beautiful place, and because of her magical grandpa she has to balance between school and the world of the supernatural. [RATED YA FOR MILD LANGUAGE AND SOME HORROR ELEMENTS]

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Reaper's Cabin pages fixed

Well uh, I got that done a lot faster than I thought I would. But the first and last page of the Reaper's Cabin have been successfully updated and changed, so go check them out if you're interested in how the boy looks now!

Making some edits in The Reaper's Cabin

So the boy in The Reaper's cabin is going to look a lot different as an adult than I previously drew him, he was a friend's character but for various reasons I need to make him my own. He'll still have the same name, he's just going to look a bit different in the first and last page of the comic to that it'll be consistent with when he shows up again. That's right, he's not just a random bonus story character, he's got relevance to the main plot.
Anyways I'm excited about this new design, and I'll post another blog entry when the updates have been made.

A future fix to come

So I've studied up a bit on how to make word bubbles look more professional, and I have a friend who's helping me update my font to be properly spaced and balanced for comics. I also expanded on my font, adding numbers and a large amount of symbols, so it should be more consistent with my own handwriting. Towards the start of the comic, I had really awkward hand drawn bubbles that I really don't like, and even in recent pages there's an issue where I don't make the word bubbles large enough so font sometimes gets too close to the edge, and speaking of size my font is just a tad too big when I compare my comic to published comics which have much smaller word bubbles because of smaller font. This will actually help a lot in the future so frames won't be as crowded.
Anyways, once I do get my upgraded font, I'll be going back to the beginning to fix a few pages at a time. No, this won't be a reboot or a repost, I'm just going to go to the old pages and update the image. You guys wouldn't even notice it, probably, but I will announce when the fix is complete.

New favicon!

It's a small update, but I added a favicon to the website so now people can see a recognizable symbol on their browsers. It's the flower on Suzie's favorite shirt over Coach's hair colors (which I know is also the pansexual flag but that's fine too)

While I'm here might as well talk about progress on the comic so far. I've actually finished chapter 8 of the comic and have all of chapter 9 sketched, so it's pretty far ahead right now and I'm excited about that. Even still, I'm going to try my best to keep as far ahead as possible especially since in May I'm going to be really busy training for a new career path to keep me afloat. I have pages currently queued up until July, so things should be fine, but I want to have an even longer queue set up by the time May comes around. I don't know what my work schedule is going to look like once I get a job but I'm going for part time so I have time for my comics.
Rest assured I don't intend to change my update schedule for My Magic Grandpa, it'd take a lot for me to even consider doing that with just how much I want to tell.

Future change to capter format

So after doing a handfull of chapters I've come to one very obvious conclusion: 24 pages per chapter is not enough to tell everything I want to tell. There have been multiple instances where I wish I could have had just a few more pages to add a little more depth to the story, and from critique I've gotten the pacing comes off a little rushed at times.
This current episode will be 3 chapters, all 24 pages, but after that all chapters will be either 28 or 32 pages. Already the scripts are looking a lot more plump and complete, and I don't feel like I have to struggle to squish in certain details I was hoping to add at some point. This should make the world just a little more immersive and allow more exploration of the characters.
I'm very excited for where the story is going, while I enjoy this current episode it's the next one that's my favorite, and the one after that really ups the stakes for the rest of the series.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy what's to come!

Minor website fixes

So these are just little things that were driving me up the wall but I'm proud of the fixes even if they were minor.
For one thing, there are now very clear 'save/load place' buttons. Originally I didn't even know I HAD those buttons because they were just these super tiny, vague icons of locks that you'd only really know what they meant if you mouse over them, and that's even if you notice them in the first place.
Next, the rating stars. They were originally tiny and gray and hard to see against the yellow background they had, and I knew it'd be even harder for yellow color blind people to see, so I made them a more contrasting rainbow with little white numbers in them to make it very clear what they are for.
There are still a couple of things I'd like to add to the website, like buttons to alternate sites such as twitter and patreon, and these cute little borders I made back when the comic was on smackjeeves, but I'll have to figure those out or get help on them another time. For now, enjoy the little extra tweeks to make the site easier to use.

EDIT: Alt website link buttons added! And tomorrow the borders will hopefully be added as well :3

New Bonus Content Link Added - In Character Q&A!

So my patreon has a goal where if active, I will answer some questions in character as Coach and Suzie (And possibly more characters from the series)
I've done quite a few of these already, but I never linked them here. So now on the bonus content page you can find a link to the Q&A and get to know Coach and Suzie a little better outside the comic! Feel free to send them questions, too! Anonymous questions are allowed so you don't need a tumblr account to send asks!


Forgot to announce this earlier but My Magic Grandpa has an affiliates page now! You can find other comics this way!
If anyone wants to affiliate it's simply a matter of link swapping, just PM me if you're interested. Requirements are that the comic is at least 10 pages long, is legible, and isn't pornography.
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