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Chapter 10: Very Superstitious - Page 18

18th Oct 2021, 9:52 AM

Chapter 10: Very Superstitious - Page 18

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JitterbugJive 18th Oct 2021, 9:52 AM
In case people are confused about Coach's "Have plenty or none to give" logic, the reason he has that logic is because if you don't have much to give and you end up giving to a beggar, there's a chance word will spread and cause more people to come to you to beg. So you need to be prepared to give a lot if this happens, and the only way to really avoid it is if you don't give anything at all.

Now this isn't to say Coach is exactly correct but that's his own way of handling things, and it also really depends on the city. A city like Baltimore is a lot more likely to have a domino effect when you give to the homeless than Portland.

Aslo anyone recognize this guy? If not, he's one of the artists who was going through art block because of the muse in the previous episode.


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18th Oct 2021, 4:33 PM
I guess I can see Coach's logic here. (I also like how the word balloons are topped with each character's respective hats so you know who's talking.)

Though, I also think of this: "True, the person you're giving to could turn out to be a scammer.....but think of it this way: if someone says they need help, and I give them help, and they turn out to misuse the aid I gave them, that says a lot about that person. But if someone says they need help, and I refuse them help, (and especially if it turns out they DID need help), what does that say about me?"
18th Oct 2021, 6:36 PM
That's why Coach still offers some form of help, it's not just scams he's worrying about, but things like gambling addiction or substance abuse. He needs to know what he's giving can be used properly, or he'd feel bad having to find out he was enabling something bad.
27th Sep 2022, 9:58 PM
yeah buskers are also trying to bring some good into the world